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All-in-One Platform
For Commissioned Notaries
RON, E-Journal, and More

The National Notarial Centralized Verification System (NNCVS) is a comprehensive, reliable method to authenticate any signer's identity and record notarial acts in both a nationwide registry and personal notary e-journal. This invaluable resource provides Notaries Public and Signing Agents the ability to view their clients' previous notarizations, while simultaneously providing real-time protection for all Notaries by facilitating data sharing among them. Our system is more than an electronic journal - it includes access to National Document Vault and unlimited Remote Online Notarization sessions with one subscription.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Stop Scammers.

Stop Fake Identification.

Combat Fraud.

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With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Every notary public and signing agent can reap the benefits of the National Notarial Centralized Verification System, where real data sharing between notaries is facilitated nationally. With this system, every notary public or signing agent will have the ability to examine and confirm customers before any notarial acts take place. Moreover, all the notarial acts will be securely stored in an electronic journal.

Additionally, NNCVS grants notaries public and signing agents the capacity to provide their customers with safe services; since any registered notarial act can be verified by customers, title offices, escrow offices, or any other individual with access to the notarized documents. Consequently, this characteristic adds further value and credibility to your businesses.


What We Offer

Our comprehensive, all-in-one solution gives you the power to protect yourself and your business while giving your customers and third parties verification of your notarizations. You can access the platform from any device – be it a cellphone, tablet, or computer.

We keep a secure electronic journal of every notarial act you perform, which is stored nationally and only accessible to notaries with the same identification of the client. Our software verifies the identity of each entered client.

Our platform also gives you access to a directory of fellow notaries, printing capabilities for notarial certificates, chat functions to stay connected, instant notifications for stolen identities, a Remote Online Notarization platform, and more, all for an affordable price. Don't settle for just a basic electronic journal or overpriced Remote Online Notarization Platforms—get all the features you need with our system to run your notarial business. Enjoy the ultimate in digital notarial protection at an unbeatable price. Don't miss out on these additional features.

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National and Local Notarial Record Archive

Notaries on the platform have the capability to store and access their own and national notarial records. In addition, they are able to use the platform to vet their customers by seeing past notarizations and identifying any alerts linked to the customer's identification.

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Real-Time verification of
Notarial Act by third parties

Any record associated with a National Record Number can be verified by third parties or the customer. This approach offers transparency and reliability when conducting a notarial act. Moreover, one can easily validate any notarial activity with the right information, regardless of their geographical location.

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Verification of signers. Directory between Notary Agents

It's simpler than ever to add your client/signer into the digital national notarial database. Keeping your business secure and your clients properly identified is of the utmost importance in today's world, where fraud is lurking in every corner. Safeguard yourself and your work wherever you may be.

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Online Notarization
System for Notaries and Lawyers

Every commissioned notary public in the states where Remote Online Notarization is permissible under the law has access to our affordable subscription-based RON platform with unlimited use. Complete as many Online Notarizations as desired without any extra fees. For those who do not possess an E-Notary Electronic Certificate/Seal, IdenTrust's website offers the chance to purchase an Electronic Certificate specifically for Remote Online Notarization.

Built to secure, and protect 

Our platform is created to ensure notarial actions are secure and to protect notaries from fraudulent activity. On the market, there is no software available which provides a nationwide verification system for notaries. Our platform offers 24/7 access, with high-security protocols to protect against fraud, meaning notaries are able to access and share data in real-time. This is the way of the future; no longer just an E-journal, but a modern solution for safe, efficient communication.



Easy to


Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Having been developed by an experienced Notary Signing Agent, our software recognizes the danger posed by the lack of information shared between notaries nationwide. The prevalence of fraudulent behavior such as individuals presenting false identities in order to obtain notarized documents is increasing, so the 21st century has seen an upsurge in the number of professionals (e.g. Embassies, U.S. Government, Law Firms, Title Offices, Escrow Offices and International Institutions) verifying the authenticity of notarized documents. Our system is tailored to ease this process, enabling third parties to validate their legitimacy online. All notarizations are recorded in the platform, with our comprehensive offering providing a unified solution compared to other services offering individual components.


Explore Our Pricing Options

For unbeatable value, look no further than our pricing model! We provide much more than electronic notary journals: we offer a revolutionary system to expand your notary public and signing agent business. Our convenient monthly or annual subscription includes all features. Get the maximum features at the minimum price with our fantastic packages.

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